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This year, Frederique Constant introduces the new Classics Manufacture. Designed and produced with utmost care, the sophisticated dial shows a remarkable refinement. Decoration of the movement is to the highest standards, with Côtes de Genève and Collimaçon patterns, brightly shining due to the rhodium finishing. The new Classics Manufacture is based on the second generation of the Maxime movement, cal. FC-710 and features an added center seconds hand. Apart from stainless steel, the Classics Manufacture is also available with a case finished in rosegold plating. Based on this new caliber, the young Manufacture has also developed a new Worldtimer Manufacture caliber, the FC-718, featured in two different dial versions and both manufactured in a limited edition of 1888 pieces. A duo of stunningly beautiful timepieces!

29 watches
  • FC-700AS5M6
  • FC-700MS5M6
  • FC-700SMG5M6
    888 pieces
  • FC-705C4S9
  • FC-705N4S6
  • FC-705S4S6
  • FC-705V4S4
  • FC-705V4S9
  • FC-710MC4H4
  • FC-710MC4H6
  • FC-718MC4H4
    1888 pieces
  • FC-718MC4H6
    1888 pieces
  • FC-718WM4H4
    1888 pieces
  • FC-718WM4H6
    1888 pieces
  • FC-935MC4H6
    1888 pieces
  • FC-938CDG4H6
    1888 pieces
  • FC-938MC4H6
    1888 pieces
  • FC-980C4S9
    188 pieces
  • FC-980C4SZ9
    188 pieces
  • FC-980EGF4H9
    188 pieces
  • FC-980G4S6
    188 pieces
  • FC-980G4SZ9
    188 pieces
  • FC-980MC4H8
    88 pieces
  • FC-980MC4H9
    188 pieces
  • FC-980N4S6
    188 pieces
  • FC-980S4S6
    188 pieces
  • FC-980V4S9
    188 pieces
  • FC-980V4SZ9
    188 pieces
  • FC-985MC4H9
    188 pieces


After a great deal of thought and reflection, we finally decided to develop our own calibre to solve these problems. In 2001 we started developing the Heart Beat Manufacture, with a specific bridge to position the balance wheel at the front of the movement, that is to say on the side of the dial. Having the bridge for the balance wheel on the front side of the calibre made it possible to have the spiral and fine regulation on the front side as well, creating a much more appealing Heart Beat design. This construction was completely novel - allowing Frédérique Constant to apply for a patent. This time, all the designs were also properly registered before going to market!

Three years of development for the first Heart Beat Manufacture were necessary before the first Heart Beat caliber saw the light of day. It was a major development in co-operation with the École d’Horlogerie de Genève, the École d’Ingenieurs de Genève and the Horloge Vakschool Zadkine.In 2004, the manual version of the Heart Beat Manufacture was introduced - with major success. In 2005, the Frédérique Constant Heart Beat Manufacture with Moon Phase and Date, also manual winding, followed.

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